Our Services

Our Services are based on the following Best Practices:

1. Relationship. We are working to create safe and supportive relationships with our clients. The physical and emotional safety of the entire family is priority and will be supported with proactive planning and supports.

2. Family-centred. Our services are family-centred. We make sure that the team is aware of family strengths and goals as well as recognizing when additional support and consultation is needed. In addition, we work to make sure that parents, family members and caregivers can implement strategies and supports for the goals in place.

3. Distressed or challenging behaviours, as identified by the family or support team, should be supported with Low Arousal Approaches and Collaborative Proactive style-solutions.

4.Collaboration with other professionals occurs with respect and coordinated with family wishes.

5. Program plans are developed by professionals with demonstrated training and qualifications in developmental disabilities, in collaboration with the family and their service providers. Plans are developed with a multidisciplinary focus based on current research focused on highly supportive and developmentally-sensitive strategies. They are monitored regularly and adjusted accordingly, including all major life transitions.

6. Intervention will be given on-going supervision and support by the professionals who support the family. They will be planned opportunities that are in environments that are familiar for the client and will support them gaining developmentally-appropriate skills including their sense of self and autonomy. Intervention may also include planned opportunities to interact with peers (who share the same age or interest(s)).

Steps to accessing services

  1. Contact E.P.I.C. to arrange an interview and see if what we offer fits what you are looking for
  2. If we are a fit, complete intake paperwork including contract, Request to Pay/AFU or other funding source (Distributed Learning, personal, or other agency)
  3. Once funding has been secured, we will be in contact to schedule appointments (in-person or online)
  4. Assessments to be completed - this can take 1-3 weeks to complete depending on scheduling
  5. Development of family and individual support plans, proactive/reactive planning for community or school support
  6. Team meeting for integration recommendations  from all service providers. Individual Education Plan recommendations can be addressed at this point as well.
  7. Training, information and support for family and any interventionists or respite worker contracted by the family.
  8. Continuing support and helping families hone skills, actively monitoring goals and reviewing as necessary. 

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

May 15-17

Teacher Training - Individualized

E2 Academy - Edmonton AB